We are all experiencing an unprecedented global crisis. No one knows how long this period of hardship will last but we do know that it will eventually pass. Life will go on. During this deep moment of uncertainty consider these three things:

Acceptance: If you think about the worst case scenario and you were to die, that might terrify you. But should it? We all will die one day. No one has ever escaped death. That’s why Steve Jobs in his eponymous Stanford University commencement speech spoke about how, “remembering that I will be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in my life.” That’s why when I gave a TEDx Talk entitled “How to Live a Life Worth Remembering” in Sugarland, Texas where I was “Voted #1 Speaker,” I implored my audience: Embrace death to embody life. There are 55 million people in the world who pass away each year. It doesn’t matter whether you were rich and famous like Kobe Bryant or poor and unknown like the nameless individual that sleeps homeless on a street corner.


If we really want to live a fun, exciting and fulfilling life, you need to define what “living the life” means to you. You can only understand what you’re missing if you take the time to reflect on your past and objectively identify what elements of your life you want to improve. Do you want a new job? Do you want deeper friendships? Do you want to fall in love? Do you dream about writing a book, starting a business or what my clients all want — to be traveling the world for free as a professional speaker? 

Only you can decide what “the good life” means in times of solitary reflection. After an initial fear and panic, you will find immense inner peace when you can sit down by yourself and reflect on your life. 

Live in the Moment

What this global crisis has reminded us — like all things that are uncontrollable like earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, terrorist attacks, or plane crashes — is that life truly is so fragile and precious. 

The vast majority of us (99%) will live through this crisis so while we are in crisis start thinking about what truly makes you sing. What inspires you? What simple things make you smile? What can’t you live without? Who do you love spending time with? Don’t wait. For me, as a thought leader, professional speaker and author, I love to speak, to write, to connect and inspire. Though I can’t speak on a stage right now, I will speak online. I will use all the various social media outlets to speak to the world. I will write this article hoping that, perhaps, it can provide you with a serene moment of clarity and calmness.

Are you scared to death? Don’t be. Accept it. Appreciate it. Laugh at it. Smile at death. You’re still here. You might be breathing but that doesn’t mean you’re truly living. Define what life means to you and when you take one bold step toward your dreams today you will develop the courage to walk tall with a clear purpose even during this unprecedented global crisis.